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About Us

The Company

IG Capital Corp. Casa de Valores is a Broker Dealer duly registered and regulated by the Comisión Nacional de Valores de Panama. It was created with the aim of supporting the financial needs of individual investors, domestic and international corporations and small and medium industry. IG Capital is a financial institution that offers high quality advice, backed by professionals with extensive experience in the stock market, ready to serve each customer individually to support their financial needs. We believe in the ability to deliver long-term performance is the true measure of our success.


Is to comprehensively meet the financial needs of our clients through customized, reliable and transparent service.

Our activity is oriented, through a highly qualified personnel that is motivated to succeed, to offer high-quality products and services, thus reaching an adequate yield to our customers and shareholders.


To be recognized as an innovative financial and technological company, with highly trained human resources committed to our customers, primarily due to our financial strength and quality of service.


We're known primarily for our responsibility, dynamism, dedication to service, legality, honesty, teamwork, commitment, transparency, integrity and improvement.

Republic of Panama

The Republic of Panama is currently one of the largest financial centers in Central and South America. The USD is a legal currency and the debt of this country received in 2010 the investment grade rating that only shares with 4 other Latin American countries. The average annual growth of Panama in the past years has been among the highest in Latin America, and this is mainly due to that 4% of world trade passes through the Panama Canal, which is in the process of enlargement. The system of banking and securities regulations is aligned with the latest regulations and trends worldwide. The tax system is attractive for foreign investors because the income or capital gains obtained through financial investments are exempt from income tax in Panama and are easily to repatriate them.