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Products & Services

Fixed Income

  • Purchase - Sale of Corporate, Government and Sovereign Bonds.
  • Purchase - Sale of Commercial Papers.

Equity & Options

Purchase - Sale of common shares and preferred stocks.


We provides custody for client securities.

Corporate Finance

Financial solutions for our corporate clients, such as issuing shares and debt capital, designing and selling structured products to minimize various market risks, mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring among others.


A financial transaction in which one party "purchases" securities (primarily US Government bonds) for cash and simultaneously the other party agrees to "buy" them back at some future time according to specified terms.


This type of brokerage account allows the client to borrow funds, using their own marginable securities as collateral. The borrowed funds may be used for the purchase of more securities.


A contractual agreement where two parties agree to exchange (swap) either a single payment or a series of payments in the future. The most widely used swaps are contracts relating to interest rates, inflation, or currencies.